Chefs & Product Development teams use our integrated solution to create better recipes, faster and more effectively. From concept, they are able to establish if their creation is compliant, cost effective and meets the needs of the customer.


Intuitive, advanced design tools allow chefs and product development teams to quickly create and model recipes and creative ideas. Giving immediate visibilty of feasability and performance against brand and customer requirements.

Exceed Expectations

Innovative and market-leading functionality empowers users to make informed decisions with insightful and accurate predictive labelling tools. Customer briefs and business targets are considered from concept.

Reduce Administration

Built to your requirements, the system comes equipped with a bespoke reporting suite featuring internal and retailer specific reports, such as retailer submission forms, kitchen methodology, factory sheets and finished product specifications.

Right First Time

Designed by and for the food industry, the multitude of tools and integrated platform empower chefs and NPD teams to make informed design decisions that ultimately result in better, safer and more efficient products.


Finance & Procurement teams trust our integrated costing solution to cost products earlier, faster and more accurately. Replacing existing spreadsheets with a centrally managed costing process, integral to the product development system, that ultimately improves product margins.

Financial Insight

Custom-built and comprehensive product costing models, including labour, distribution and overheads give finance teams the power to simulate scenarios and analyse impacts across product ranges and differing cost sets.

Focus on Margin

Bespoke models, encompassing everything from materials to labour, ensure that products are costed comprehensively and accurately from concept. Allowing businesses to design products with efficiency and margin in mind.

Reduce Costs

The integrated solution significantly reduces costs across the development process, not only through considerable savings in time spent but from a sizeable reduction in unnecessary costs (eg. fewer analytical tests and factory trials).

Increase Capacity

The ability to generate an accurate product costing from concept will save significant design, management and administrative time. Integrated validations, checks and approvals will remove spreadsheets, reduce errors and increase capacity.

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Our integrated technical solution links raw material specifications through recipes to finished product specifications, enabling technical and process teams to rapidly ensure legislative and retailer compliance requirements. Achieve better quality and compliance through one source of the truth, better data validation and governance tools resulting in reduced errors, less recalls and improved retailer performance. 

One Version of the Truth

The integrated collaborative system allows teams to manage one source of the master data from raw material specifications through to retailer finished product specifications, and all necessary technical outputs along the way.

Supplier Portals

The power of a fully validated and managed raw material database with API capability enables suppliers to transfer specification and compiance data through an online portals. It enables collaboration with suppliers, saving time, money and errors.

Avoid Labelling Errors

Getting data right first time, through bespoke technical checks and balances in the system, will result in a meaningful reduction in costly errors throughout the development process.

Safer Products

Innovative and integral systemised validation recognises issues with data, such as allergens, from concept; reducing artwork errors, improving compliance and giving technical teams greater assurity.

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Project Managers & Commercial teams use our integrated solution to collaborate across the product development process; capturing product briefs, managing teams, tracking progress and ultimately, through working together, launch better products together. 

Shorten Launch Times

Innovative dashboard views and management tools offer a clear overview of the entire product development pipeline, from concept to launch and allow potential issues to be anticipated and resolved within a tailor-made critical path.

Bring Teams Together

A truly collaborative approach to managing the product lifecycle; administering lines of communication, responsibilities for activities, and encouraging a focus on compliance to the process, across the business.

Improve Project Visibility

The integrated bespoke solution allows teams to communicate, organise and validate their actions in a fully managed and purpose-built workflow, complete with notification for key approval validation issues.

Gain Control

Building unique customised workflows and gate processes into the system gives businesses the power to identify control points and check points throughout the launch process, ultimately resulting in improved control and collaboration.

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Connecting suppliers and specification data through packaging, ingredients and recipes to Bills of Materials (BOM) and finished product specifications, the system provides complete visibility of the supply chain and allows data to seamless flow up and down it. Connecting teams to this data enables faster, more accurate and less resource dependent processes. Ultimately delivering improved capacity to design, develop and manage products more effectively.

Align Data

Connecting and aligning data up and down the supply chain, from supplier data to finished product specifications ensures one source of the truth. Accurate, timely and validated data that can be used throughout the business to seamlessly generate complex reports such as Retailer Submission Forms, safety reports and risk assessments through to BOMs, master data outputs and where-used reporting.

Integrate Systems

The software can be tightly integrated with a range of existing business systems to minimise manual data entry and improve the accuracy and the efficiency of data transfer between systems. Integration is achieved via a RESTful web Application Programming Interface (API); allowing applications to securely and reliably access data such as suppliers, raw materials, recipes and supporting data.

Replace Spreadsheets

Replacing disparate and limited traditional spread sheet and document based procedures with a single system accessible by all. Connecting teams and enabling data to be accessed quickly, saves time and resource, freeing up finance, technical, and NPD capacity to deliver better, safer and more competitive products.

Connect the Supply Chain

Connecting the supply chain through innovative workflow functionality enables the digitisation and systemisation of raw material data, supplier onboarding, procurement processes and the management of ERP master data sets. This, in turn, improves the pace, timeliness and efficiency of the NPD process.

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